Sharing is Fun


When Addy got her Ida Bean doll for Christmas, I’m sure one of her favorite things was to share Ida Bean with her best friend Sarah. After all, don’t we get so much more enjoyment out of things we get to do and share with other people? Addy’s character is so generous and giving that I’m sure sharing comes very naturally to her. I think Addy and Sarah have a lot of fun playing with Ida Bean together:



I know I would not enjoy my doll collection nearly as much if I didn’t share the hobby with my mom and sister. Do you share your dolls with anyone? Or do you have a different hobby you enjoy sharing with someone?

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  1. I have always had fun sharing dolls with friends and am blessed to have to have found this doll community and two friends in my state to share and create dolly experiences. Thank you very much for sharing your doll experiences with us too.


    1. Emily says:

      Yes I agree, the online community is one of the best ways to share! And that’s great you’ve found some doll friends near you.


  2. I share my dolls with my awesome WP readers…and with my little sister, who doesn’t have an AG doll quite yet.


    1. Emily says:

      Yes WordPress readers are the best! And that’s super sweet you share with your sister.


  3. Ahh, your beautiful photography! *drools* I’m a stingy little munchkin and don’t share my doll collection with anyone permanently, but I do like giving from it for gifts and such.



    1. Emily says:

      Thanks you are too kind! I think that is a great way to share your collection.

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  4. Bella says:

    Your photos are amazing and your dolls are adorable!


  5. Flo says:

    My sister and I share our love of dolls. And of course all of my doll blogging buddies!

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