Kit Finds a Story

“It’s so rainy and gloomy outside,” sighed Kit. “I really wanted to write a newspaper today, but I don’t have any stories. What I am I supposed to write about, the awful weather?”DSC_0136.jpg

“We’ll think of something!” said Ruthie cheerfully as she handed Kit her notebook. “We just need to be creative.”


“Ok,” agreed Kit as she pulled out a piece of typing paper. “It sounds like you have an idea!”


“Of course I do!” said Ruthie. “You should write about my ballet recital last week!”

“Gee, Ruthie, I don’t know…that’s not the sort of thing I usually write about,” said Kit carefully.

“It will be a great story!” said Ruthie as she jumped up to demonstrate some of her best dance moves.


“See, even Grace agrees with me!” exclaimed Ruthie as Grace the basset hound joined Ruthie in her excitement.


“Yeah, I’m still not so sure–”

“You see, you can first describe how I sashayed on stage at the beginning of the number, and then my dramatic pirouette!”

To demonstrate, Ruthie leaped through the air onto Kit’s bed. Unfortunately she misjudged the height of the low attic ceiling, and–



Ruthie collided with the ceiling, and landed safely, though not gracefully, on Kit’s bed. Like the good reporter she was, Kit grabbed her camera to document the scene. She grinned at Ruthie, who had hurt only her pride. Something told her that her newspaper today would feature some comedy. DSC_0161.jpg

This is the first time Ruthie has been featured on She’ll Go Down in Herstory. My mom bought her a few months ago and she is just so fun. Now that she has Ruthie, the combined doll collection of my mom, my sister, and I is missing only one historical doll (not counting Nanea since she is not released yet). Every one of the historical dolls in our combined collection has been featured on my blog at some point. Any ideas which historical doll it is that we do not have? 🙂


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  1. Great story! 😍 Is it…. Nellie?


    1. Emily says:

      Yes! Very good! 😊


  2. Flo says:

    I don’t recall seeing Marie-Grace on your blog, but I could be wrong.


    1. Emily says:

      Good guess, she hasn’t made too many appearances, but my mom does have her. The answer is Nellie. 😊


  3. ThePolkaDotPatriot says:

    This was so fun! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Julia M. H. says:

    Kirsten? I have literally no idea


  5. bennettv says:

    Aww poor Ruthie. Good thing she didn’t hurt much more than her pride. I love Nellie. She is so cute! We have quite a few of the historical dolls, Samantha, Felicity, Molly, Rebecca, Julie, Caroline, Maryellen and Kit, but we don’t have Nellie. She is one that we have thought about buying if we could though. 🙂

    ginnie /


  6. Alex says:

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