December Photo Challenge 

Merry Christmas Eve! This month on Instagram I took part in a daily photo challenge created by a fellow AGIGer, @mountainspeak. I had an absolute blast with it and really enjoyed every aspect of the challenge. Some of you follow me on Instagram (@dollsandsmiles) but I thought I would share with you my photos from this for those of you who haven’t seen them. The challenge provided a list of words, one for each day from December 1-December 25. I personally instated my own set of guidelines: I wanted to include all of my dolls and I wanted to keep my photos within a Christmas/winter theme, more or less. It was really great way to practice my indoor photography and also really forced me to plan ahead. Since I wasn’t able to to take a photo every day I had to spend most of a weekend getting a lot of them done in advance. I hope you enjoy them and I hope they add to your holiday spirit!

Day 1: Purple


Day 2: Tree

Molly trims her tree.


Day 3: Fuzzy

Ivy loves her fuzzy foot rug!


Day 4: Glow

Kirsten glows in the role of St. Lucia!


Day 5: Indoor

When it’s cold outside it feels good to come indoors for some warm kitten cuddles!


Day 6: Scarf

Kirsten is ready for the snow with her coat, mittens, and scarf.


Day 7: Sparkle

Delaney sparkles in her new Christmas dress!


Day 8: Morning

Caroline and Inkpot agree: leaving your warm bed on cold mornings isn’t easy!



Day 9: PJ’s

A book, some tunes, and pj’s!


Day 10: Blue

Addy is spending her Saturday making deliveries for Mrs. Ford’s dress shop. She looks so beautiful in her blue dress, I am confident she will earn lots of tips!


Day 11: Dressy

Caroline is dressed up and ready to greet Christmas guests!



Day 12: Animal

Kaya loves all animals, but especially these two!


Day 13: Friends

These friends love having sleepovers! Emily, Linda, Susan, and Molly are spending the night playing board games.



Day 14: Gifts

Sometimes the best gift is a beautiful doll, and other times it’s something useful and thoughtful like a lamp. All the time, though the best gifts of Christmas are family and hope. Addy has gotten to experience all of these gifts.



Day 15: Candy

Julie enjoys a candy cane by the tree.



Day 16: Pink

Emily is so cute and snugly in her pink robe!



Day 17: Sweater

Abby feels festive (and true to her late nineties origin) in this sweater!



Day 18: Sleepy

Molly likes to read in bed until she gets too sleepy.



Day 19: Boots

Still in her jammies, Willa pulled on her trusty boots and ran outside. Hurray snow!


Day 20: Window

Addy practices writing her name in the frosted window.


Day 21: Hat

Rebecca stays warm in her coat and hat.


Day 22: Red

I just love Abby in her classic red Christmas dress!


Day 23: Soft

“It’s…a puppy! She’s so cute and soft!”


Day 24: Cookies

“It’s Christmas Eve! Let’s set out cookies for Santa…or maybe eat them ourselves!”

Tomorrow’s word is “Christmas”, and you will see my photo for that in tomorrow’s blog post. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and is enjoying spending time with family. Merry Christmas!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Flo says:

    Love the photos, so much fun!


  2. Your pictures are so cute and amazing! ❤ May I ask where you got the dress Delaney was wearing in the picture for Day #7 (Sparkle)? She looks gorgeous in it!


    1. Emily says:

      Thanks so much! I made Delaney’s dress in that photo. The pattern is the Versatility Dress from Pixie Faire.


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