The American Girls Club: Part 9, Smock Decorating

“Hey everybody!” said Dahpne. “As you know, I was in charge of planning today’s meeting. I decided to bring an activity that comes from the very front of the American Girl’s Handbook. We will be decorating paint smocks!” Daphne showed the girls the page in the handbook:

The girls all nodded and chorused their excitement. Daphne continued, “The handbook suggests using an adult-sized button down shirt to paint. I thought aprons would be better. That way we can use them when we make craft projects or do cooking projects. My sister Delaney sewed these aprons for us!”

“They are so great, Daphne! We will have to be sure to make Delaney a thank-you card,” said Heather.

“Can we decorate them however we want?” asked Abby.

“Of course!” said Daphne. “I thought maybe we should all put our name on them and ‘AGC’, which stands for ‘American Girls Club’ but other than that, it can represent your own personality!”

“Oh, I know!” said Kyoko. “What if we decorated them using inspiration from our favorite historical American Girl doll?”

“Great idea!” agreed all of the girls as they got to work.

“My favorite doll is Felicty,” said Heather. “So I will put a horseshoe on mine to represent her!”

“Great idea!” said Abby. “I love Kirsten, so I have prairie wildflowers on mine, and a heart because she always remembered to never loose heart even when things were hard.”

“Melody is my favorite, so I am doing a music theme!” said Daphne.

“I choose a rainbow and peace sign to represent Julie and the 70s!” said Kyoko.

“These are all so great!” said Ella. “Since Caroline is my doll of choice, I am trying to make dainty pattern that looks like she might have embroidered it.”

The girls posed happily with their aprons when the were finished and dry! The all agreed that they would need some projects in the near future that would require wearing them!


Note from Emily:

Do your dolls want to participate in the American Girls Club? My dolls love to meet new friends! If you and your dolls make this project, please send me pictures to My girls will share them at their next meeting! This project will involve some sewing if you don’t already have an apron or smock of some sort to decorate. I know that some of you are fabulous sewers who can easily figure out how to make a simple apron like this! If not though, I have attempted to make a simple pattern that you can print off to use (I’ve never made a pattern before, so bear with me)! This pattern will make an apron a little bit smaller than those that my dolls are wearing.

Apron Pattern


11 Comments Add yours

  1. jackylina says:

    This was so cool! My dolls won’t be making aprons but I loved how yours turned out.


  2. Izzy💜 says:

    This is awesome! My dolls will definitely be making aprons. What a fun project, and thanks for the pattern!


    1. Emily says:

      Thanks! Hopefully the pattern works for you, haha!


  3. Jen says:

    Great post and they are very cute in their clubhouse!


    1. Emily says:

      Thanks! They do love their clubhouse. 🙂


  4. Clara says:

    That is so cute! Your photography is AMAZING. 🙂

    -Clara ❤


  5. Flo says:

    Adorable! Hmmm…maybe Alya can use this as a good project to teach Kit how to sew?


    1. Emily says:

      Thanks! Oh, good idea!


  6. Abby says:

    Is there a due date for the apron pics? My dolls will be making them, but not until friday.


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