Native American Heritage Month

Today, the last day of November, is the last day of National Native American Heritage Month. Kaya is one of my favorite dolls and I think one of the most important characters in the American Girl collection. I love that American Girl spent five years developing her, working closely with Nez Perce leaders and historians….

The American Girls Club: Part 9, Smock Decorating

“Hey everybody!” said Dahpne. “As you know, I was in charge of planning today’s meeting. I decided to bring an activity that comes from the very front of the American Girl’s Handbook. We will be decorating paint smocks!” Daphne showed the girls the page in the handbook: The girls all nodded and chorused their excitement….

The American Girls Club: Part 8, New Friends and Fun Plans

“Hey Abby!” said Daphne. “I’m glad you came over, I wanted to talk to you about my idea for our next American Girls Club meeting!” “Oh, perfect!” said Abby as she pulled out her laptop. “First, though, I have to show you something awesome! We have a new internet friend named Vivian. She made the…

Thanking Veterans

“Molly, what are you doing?” asked Emily as she peeked into the bedroom. “We are leaving soon for the Armistice Day performance!” “It’s my hair! It’s a disaster!” cried Molly. “My pincurls didn’t set at all. I need beautiful curls to be Miss Victory!” “Oh Molly, you are being so silly, your hair is fine,” said…