Melody Dresses Up 

Well, I know I’m a little late to the Our Generation party. There are zillions of reviews on great Our Generation sets out there, but I am going to go ahead and add one to the mix. I confess that I recently made my very first Our Generation purchase. I have browsed online and have always been impressed with the cuteness, creativity, and impressive selection. I don’t live super close to a Target, though, so I never bought anything. That was until I saw this super adorable “Our Generation Retro” pink suit and I just knew I had to buy it for my sister’s Melody!

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 5.39.23 PM.png

It has just the perfect 1960’s Jackie Kennedy vibe! I’m not an Our Generation expert, but from what I can tell, Our Generation Retro is their line of vintage/retro inspired looks. They don’t claim to represent historical accuracy and do not even seem to commit to a certain time period, which is fine, to me it seems really just all about the fashion and having cute and diverse options. Some of the outfits with the “retro” label to me don’t seem to really be retro at all, while others really are spot on with their historical accuracy! I feel that this one is certainly the latter.

I think Melody looks adorable in this color. The shoes don’t fit very well (the would if you cut off the strap) and the gloves fit poorly as well, so we swapped both of those items out for others in this photo shoot. Otherwise, everything else fit great! The purse is darling too, but I think we forgot to use it when we took these pictures.

How cute is this hat! We choose to bobby pin it on to achieve the look we were after.

Realistically, Melody would not have had an outfit like this in her own wardrobe as a 10 year old girl. She certainly might have borrowed it from her stylish mother or aunt, though, to have a tea party like she did today! 🙂

I am very excited to make future OG purchases! I’ve made myself quite a wish list!


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  1. Marion says:

    That outfit is gorgeous. Melody looks beautiful.


  2. Marilyn says:

    I love what you did with Melody’s hair. The outfit makes Melody look so sophisticated and grown up.


  3. Lydia says:

    Lovely photos! What I love about Our Generation is that they have a very different style than American Girl so it provides a bit more diversity in my dolls wardrobe, tho I don’t live in the US so I only have one Our Generation outfit but I want more so bad! I have a bit of a list as well >.<
    Lydia’s Dolls


  4. Ooo la la! So cute and fancy!


  5. ❤️ says:

    Melody is such a beautiful doll and looks stunning in this outfit. Outstanding photography, as well. I will have to seek out the Our Generation selections and start making my list!


  6. Flo says:

    That looks so good on her! For a while I didn’t have very good luck with the Our Generation clothing on AG dolls, but over the past year or so, it seems as though they have realized their market and the fit is much better.


  7. bennettv says:

    This outfit is adorable! I love the colour! I especially love the hat!

    ginnie /


    1. Emily says:

      I agree, the color is perfect for her!


  8. Zoe says:

    Ahh, Melody looks so cute!! I love the color on her. I also really like what you did with the hat.


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