How to Make an AG Horse Halter





My crafty sister made a halter for her doll Heather’s horse, Spud. I asked her to recreate it step-by-step for me using brown yarn, rather than purple paracord to create a more rope-like historical look. Whether your modern doll is heading to a dressage competition or your Felicity is feeding sugar cubes to all of the horses in Williamsburg, this is an easy and fun accessory to make for your American Girl horse! She tells me this halter is a correct replica of an actual horse halter.


Quick side story: I found Spud at a Goodwill for $10 and my mom bought him for my sister because of her personal equestrian interests. He was dirty and beat up, so I quickly dubbed him “Spud” due to his resemblance to a potato. My sister did a great job at restoring him and fought the name Spud pretty hard, but my big-sisterly influence prevailed and Spud he remained. IMG_7348.JPG


To make the halter, start with two cords (yarn, twine, paracord, you can create a lot of different looks) of equal length a few feet long.




Drape the cords behind your horse’s ears and make a knot just above  his eye on each side.

It should look like this from above.

Separate the cords and tie one under your horse’s chin.

Make a loose knot like this on each side with the remaining cord.

Feed the end from other side with the loose knot through the knot on the opposite side.

Pull each knot tight carefully to keep each side symmetrical.

It should look like this when you’ve finished these steps.

Tie the loose ends at the bottom.

Cut off the extra. You can use the excess to make a lead rope if you want!



Spud never looked so good!




5 Comments Add yours

  1. jackylina says:

    Great tutorial! I’ll have to try it sometime. Spud looks really good!


  2. Sharry A. says:

    I did one w/ duck tape for my doll’s horse Cherokee, but I like this one better. Maybe I’ll try it!


  3. You are right! That is an exact replica! I have seen one myself (and held one many times) and that is just how they look! Thumbs up!


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