The AG Generations

There are beautiful dolls in both American Girl’s Historical collection as well as the Girl of the Year line. We can’t help but notice, though, that there are some uncanny similarities between some of these beauties, which leads us to conclude that had these characters been real, there are some shared genes between these modern girls and their historical ancestors!

IMG_6915Starting with the largest generational gap, I think it is clear that Elizabeth’s good looks were passed on to her great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter! Westward expansion clearly played a part in McKenna’s geographical location in relation to that of her ancestors as it did for almost every family. While Elizabeth probably wasn’t dazzling the colonists with gymnastics performances, perhaps what runs in the family is a streak of perseverance and loyalty.


Lanie inherited more than her bouncy blond curls and greenish eyes from her great-great-great-great grandmother! A love of the outdoors has clearly reached across the generations. A desire for adventure and the pursuit of future career in a field dominated by men are other traits they share. Caroline would be proud that like her, her descendent is not afraid to be herself!

IMG_6913In the case of Mia and Maryellen, we clearly have a grandmother and granddaughter. Red hair, hazel eyes, spunky personalities, and an affinity for ice skating are no coincidence! Perhaps Mia’s love of skating grew from a story her grandmother told her about skating on a frozen pond in the mountains long ago, before she had ever even seen snow…


There is no question: Julie is Kailey’s mother. Blonde hair, brown eyes, little braids, and from the state of California. The age difference is exactly correct. It works perfectly. This is a popular opinion amongst the AG fandom. I could dive into a comparison of their personalities drawing substantial evidence, but I think that this one quote from Kailey’s book is all I need. Kailey asks her mom what is an activist, and her mom replies, “Anyone can hope things get better and wish problems would get solved…and anyone can grumble and complain about things. But an activist takes it upon herself to fight for improvement, to make the world a better place, to right wrongs, to correct mistakes, and to bring about change for the good.” Anyone who knows Julie knows that is exactly how she would reply if this question was asked by her daughter, as she is an outstanding activist herself.

These pictures were fun to take and used the combined collection of my mom, my sister, and me. The three of us aren’t able to get together that often, but when we do we have a great time and the dolls seem to enjoy it, too. 🙂 Julie, Maryellen, Lanie, Elizabeth, and McKenna belong to my mom; Mia and Kailey are my sister’s, and Caroline is mine.


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  1. Wow! This such a cool way to look at the AG dolls! I really liked this – great job! 😀

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    1. Emily says:

      Thanks! It was fun to take the pictures and think of little backstories!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I bet! I really love the idea of Julie as Kaylie’s mom! It almost makes me want to pretend that with my dolls LOL!


      2. Oh goodness, I mean Kailey. Oopsie!


  2. This is an awesome take on AG’s!:) I think that Julie could definitely be Kailey’s mom!:D

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Emily says:

      Thank you! The Julie/Kailey relationship is definitely my favorite one.


  3. quinleytheelf says:

    That’s so cool, I love that you linked the modern characters with the historical ones.
    Also maybe Saige and Felicity could be related in a way (they both like horses).


    1. Emily says:

      Thanks! Ohh, that’s a great idea, I didn’t think of that!


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