Rebecca’s Kewpie Doll


Rebecca badly wanted to win a Kewpie doll at Steeplechase Park in her summer story and I am surprised a Kewpie doll was never part of her collection. What a great opportunity for some doll related history! Since there is not one available through American Girl, I decided to purchase Rebecca her very own historically accurate and appropriately sized Kewpie doll!


Rebecca really likes her Kewpie notebook, too!


My doll collecting knowledge is pretty limited to American Girl, so I decided to learn a bit about Kewpie dolls. “Kewpie” comes from “cupid”; these dolls portray little cupids who go around doing good deeds. These little guys started just as comic strip characters created by Rose O’Neill in 1909 and then were produced as dolls in 1912. They would have been pretty new and novel in Rebecca’s time, so it was no wonder she was infatuated! I love that they were created by an entrepreneurial woman, something rare for that time period. It was important to O’Neill that Kewpie dolls be affordable for everyone which was why they came in a large variety of sizes.  Source:  The Kewpie I bought for Rebecca is very tiny, but works great in proportion to her. It is made of bisque, which is the material they would have been made of in Rebecca’s time. I don’t know if this one is actually from the early 1900s or if it was made later. Its arms are in a pose that seems to be kind of uncommon and it doesn’t have the blue wings on the back, so it could be a complete knockoff, I really don’t know. Either way, I think it works really well for Rebecca and she seems to like it! Kewpies were usually naked, but maybe Rebecca will use her crochet skills to make her a little dress!


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