Mix and Match 

AGC is having a “Mix and Match” challenge and I thought I would post my entries on my blog as well as the AGC message board. This was something fun and different for me to do since I tend to pay more attention to my historical collection than my modern one. It was also a great way for me to debut my brand new doll Daphne who I adopted just last week from eBay! I love her so much and Abby is so happy to finally have a friend from her own time period. 🙂

I decided to use one item consistently for each outfit to really explore its versatility: the lime green t-shirt from AG’s Artist Outfit (1999). Everything else is labeled under the picture.

Abby Goes Fishing:

Vest: AG Camping Outfit, Hat: AG Cargo Outfit, Pants: AG Cargo Outfit, Sandals: AG Camping Outfit

Daphne Goes Hiking:

  Flannel Shirt: AG Cargo Outfit, Leggings: AG Cozy Sweater Outfit, Socks: AG Urban Outfit, Hiking Boots: unknown brand, Bandana: Camping Outfit (2001)

Abby in Polka-Dots:

Skirt: Molly’s Polka Dot Outfit, Shoes: AG Flower Garden Dress, Necklace: AG Periwinkle Dress, Hair Barrett: Emily’s Recital Outfit

Daphne’s Pink Dress:

Dress: made by me, Hair flower: made by me, Shoes: Caroline’s meet outfit

Daphne’s Moose Scarf Outfit:

Skirt: made by me, Boots: AG True Spirit Outfit, Scarf: made by me from fabric printed with moose I found in my mom’s stash. She confessed to me that it has been sitting there for 25 years, purchased with the intention of making a maternity top when she was pregnant with me. Something about a vision of my pregnant mother in a top printed with moose made me laugh so hard I cried.


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