Rebecca’s Lace Dress in Real Life

A few weeks ago I was at my Grandma’s house and we were looking through some old pictures. I really enjoy seeing pictures of her as a little girl in the forties and as a teenager in the fifties. One particular very old photograph caught my eye because the little girl in the picture was wearing Rebecca’s Lace Dress, almost exactly!

I found out that the girl on the right wearing the dress is my great-grandmother, who I actually did know as a very small child but don’t remember very well. My mom was very close with her and I enjoy hearing stories about her colorful personality. She is pictured with her younger brother, who is also wearing a dress, a custom that fortunately no longer exists. My great-grandmother was born in 1913, and I think she appears to be maybe three or four in the picture, putting the date of the photograph at about 1916 or 1917. Pretty close to Rebecca’s time of 1914 or 1915 when she would have worn the dress! This actually answered some questions for me, because I had been wondering if Rebecca’s wardrobe is a little too fancy for a girl from a modest immigrant family, but I know that my great-grandma’s family was certainly not rich so that leads me to conclude that perhaps Rebecca’s clothes are just right for a girl of her class. I’m also a bit surprised that a small-town Midwestern girl would have had a dress that is fashionable enough to be worn by a stylish girl from New York! My mom says my great-grandma loved clothes and shopping, so maybe this started at an early age :-). My favorite thing about American Girl dolls is how they bring history alive and make me look at a seemingly mundane photograph in a completely different light. I think it’s pretty special to be able to own a miniature replica of a dress that my great-grandma actually wore!


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  1. Wow this post is so interesting! That’s what I like about the historical girls, they’re so…real.

    ~K. P.


    1. Emily says:

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, I agree, that’s my favorite part about American Girl! They make history come alive!


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