Thrifty Thursday Week 3: Using Unexpected Materials to Make…

…doll socks! I was cleaning out a drawer in my bathroom and was halfway to the trash can with a handful of headbands I don’t like (they don’t stay on my head very well) when an idea struck me! I decided to see if I could use these rejected headbands to make socks for my dolls! Here is what I did:

These are the headbands. I believe I originally bought them from Wal-Mart.

I cut two pieces of headband to about four inches. You could certainly vary this to make short socks, knee socks, or even long stockings. I think you could probably get two pairs of socks from each headband.

 I didn’t think that trying to hem the top would be easy or work very well at all, so I stretched it out a bit and then very carefully melted around the edge with a lighter to reduce the fraying. That obviously only works on headbands made out of synthetic material.

 I then turned them inside out and stitched the toe closed. I know they don’t look great yet, but once turned right side out…

 Ta-Da! I made these for Kaya to wear with her hospital gown as she undergoes her “treatments” that will be returning her back to her normal self (Ooh, exciting news on that subject, I found a wig for her! More on that soon!)

Caveat: while I think the socks look cute on, I don’t think they will survive being taken on and off many times. The fabric on my headbands definitely wants to run and ravel, so these socks will probably have a short life. However, when you are thrifty and use materials that would have been thrown away anyway, that doesn’t really matter! 🙂


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  1. Sunny says:

    Cute! 😊


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